Monday, April 9, 2012

9 tips for saving battery life of your android

One of the most common complaints of users of Android phones (and all smartphones) is the low battery life. To some extent, the increased use of battery is normal, with phones getting ever more processing power and more complex applications.
But with some simple precautions you can greatly increase battery life.

Shutdown services like bluetooth, gps

1 - Turn off services when not in use (GPS, Bluetooth ...)

Always remember to turn off the bluetooth and GPS when not in use, because they drain the battery. To turn off these devices, go to the settings menu. A good tip is to always leave the widget "Power Control" (or "Power Control") assets. Thus it is easy to manipulate these settings.

Avoid Task Killers

2 - Do not use Task Killers

It seems somewhat contradictory, but most applications known as "Task Killers" - responsible for forcibly terminate processes - do not help the performance of the phone and battery usage, and even degrade them.
This is because the architecture of a system designed to let android process applications resident in memory even when they are not used to optimize the boot them.
So, using "Task Killers" lets the user to use this optimization and requires greater processing device, and therefore more power.

Turn off unused data when

3 - Disconnect data connection when not used

An android phone battery always spend more when you have an active data connection. so if you are not using it, turn it off.
A very useful program to do this is APNDroid, turn off the GPRS/3G data connection, and also offers a widget to do this quickly.

Set Sync your android rationally

4 - Set the range of applications sync rationally

Be very careful with applications that synchronize data with servers often, such as email clients and social networks like twitter and facebook.
Most of these applications allows you to set the frequency that these operations occur, and care is needed to do this. It makes sense to receive e-mail update every 5 minutes? If you do not receive e-mails with a frequency so great, it is best to set a longer interval, to avoid "syncs" unnecessary.

Decrease the brightness of your display

5 - Decrease display brightness

The device consumes more than one phone battery is the display. So, avoid getting this very high brightness.
A good strategy is to put the sparkle in automatic mode, letting you decide which phone is the brightness necessary for proper functioning, without exaggeration.
To configure the display, go to Settings> Display.

Do not live in your android wallpapers

6 - Avoid Live Wallpapers

The Live Wallpapers are very beautiful ... but have a price: they spend more battery power than conventional wallpapers. So if your intention is to save battery life, avoid them.

Avoid unnecessary widgets

7 - Remove unnecessary widgets

The widgets use processing to be updated and designed by cooperating to battery depletion.
So if you are not using widgets, remove them.

Choose a profile of economic battery for your android

8 - Select a "profile battery" economic

Many phones have the android configuration "profiles of battery." The economic profiles have interesting settings, like turning off data connections overnight.
It is worth taking a look at this configuration, the menu Settings> Battery Manager.

Monitor the battery usage of your applications

9 - Monitor the battery usage of your applications

Finally, if your phone battery is running out quickly is easy to figure out what the cause.
Go to menu Settings> Battery Manager> Statistics. It will be shown a screen with the battery usage of each application. Thus, it is easy to identify if there is an application installed in your phone consume more battery power than it should.

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