Friday, March 16, 2012

Push notification using xtify SDK android example

Steps by step procedure to create push notification message using ctify SDK  in Android:


  1. Download Xtify SDK from here.
  2. Extract and find the “Xtify Rich Sample” Open the Project in Eclipse with own package name.
  3. Create a Google Account and Sign Up with the C2DM.
  4. Get the Google Authentication Token for  Google Account .
  5. Create Client Account in
  6. Create the Application in Application Key Manager.
  7. Get Application Key Code generated by the Application.
  8. Open the Android Manifest replace package name with your package name.
  9. Paste the Application Key Code and the Google account ID(sender Id) in the Main Activity.
  10. Run the Program.


Home Screen :


·         All our Notifications Stored in the Inbox so Message don’t get Lost.
·         We receive the notification after the Device has registered in

Show XID:

·         To check the Device has registered or not click the Show XID Button.

·         This registration is automatically done by server when the device is in online.

·         It takes few minutes when server is busy.


  1. Go to the PushPoint Manager.
  2. Select your Application, Create the Notification and Click the Activate.

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